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Afterschool Special


Thursday Afterschool Special: Winners' Spoils

Leading off this afternoon's roundup: Swimming superstar Katie Ledecky threw out the first pitch in Washington last night — and used baseball superstar Bryce Harper as a medal rack.


Wednesday Afterschool Special: The BBQ Incident

Why should you always proofread your emails? Read today's afternoon wrap up to know why!


Tuesday Afterschool Special: World-Class Baseball

With the Olympics over, we turn our attention to the other great summer sports tournament — the Little League World Series — in a special afternoon wrapup.


Monday Afterschool Special: Closing Out

The 2016 Rio Olympics are history, so what did we learn? We break down the major takeaways from the Games in this afternoon's rundown.


Wednesday Afterschool Special: Finishing Strong

Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles has been tweeting with actor Zac Efron throughout the Olympics... and then he surprised her and her teammates in Rio! Here's all the cool stuff from the sports world you might have missed today.


Tuesday Afterschool Special: Vaulting Ahead

From a world-record pole vault to a fan role reversal for two top swimmers, here's all the cool stuff from the sports world you might have missed.


Friday Afterschool Special: Let the Games Begin

Checking up on some Olympians before the opening ceremony tonight, the saddest own goal ever, Nike has a big weekend ahead, James Harrison is a human catapult, and DeAngelo Williams' special birthday surprise.


Wednesday Afterschool Special: Paranormal Activity

LeBron is scared of ghosts, Andy Reid finds his long-lost twin, Joey Votto puts a fan in his place, Ryan Lochte and Clint Frazier have unique hair crises


Monday Afterschool Special: Grumpy Melo

Carmelo Anthony is the grumpiest plane passenger ever, Russell Westbrook finally speaks out on KD, and Tony Romo isn't fat.


Tuesday Afterschool Special: DJ Diesel

Shaq hits the DJ scene in Belgium, Devin Hester gets released, Chelsea players don't know anything about America, and a late Ken Griffey Jr. tribute 


Thursday Afterschool Special: Person of Linterest

Jeremy Lin's hair game is too serious, the Boston Red Sox may get some domestic help for their playoff run, Drake's wardrobe malfunction, and the best own goal in history. 


Wednesday Afterschool Special: Jeff Gordon Returns

DeMarcus Cousins doesn't understand the Kings, Ray Allen's birthday, USA Basketball has it's first scrimmage, foul balls are dangerous and Torrey Smith's son


Tuesday Afterschool Special: The Shot

Denzel Valentine wins the Bulls a (Summer League) championship, J.R. Smith gets his own video game, Ronaldinho will still embarrass you.


Monday Afterschool Special: Keeping up with KAT

Karl-Anthony Towns has a busy schedule, Elena Delle Donne's clutch shot over Seattle, Damian Lillard puts on his first rap concert and the Jordan 31 is here. 


Friday Afterschool Special: Is it NBA season yet?

Andre Iguodala speaks out, J.J. Redick is a boss, Victor Oladipo crushes a kid's dreams, Manu is back and the Red Sox get gutsy. 


Wednesday Afterschool Special: Deflated

Deflategate is back in the news, the AL won the MLB All-Star Game for the fourth year in a row, Ochocinco is returning to the NFL, kids love Cristiano and Syndergaard's name is really hard to spell. 


Thursday Afterschool Special: Wading Through

Dwayne Wade joins the Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant gets an epic gift from Snoop Dogg, weird things go on at Wimbledon and Brandon Jennings keeps trolling.