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Monday Afterschool Special: Closing Out

The 2016 Rio Olympics are history, so what did we learn? We break down the major takeaways from the Games in this afternoon's rundown.
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The Olympics are over

The Rio Games have come and gone. So what did we learn? Michael Phelps is still the greatest of all time, even if his baby ate all his medals. Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles lived up the hype. No one is close to knocking off the U.S. in basketball — even when the men send their B-team. (And the Warriors already look terrifying.) And the U.S. ended up with nearly twice as many medals as the next best country

Now we can look forward to Tokyo 2020, where there will surely be more Mario jokes to come.

Best photos from Rio

Good baseball dog

Wilson Chandler's big catch

He won't need to exaggerate the size when telling this fish story.

Into the trash can

Today's Peanuts

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