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New York Football Is Back

After a miserable decade, the Giants and Jets are riding high.


The Broncos Were Right to Go All-In on Russell Wilson

Building through the draft takes time. To win now, teams need to be willing to make a splashy acquisition.


Which NFLer Would Want to Go Pro in E-Sports Too?

If J.J. Watt, Matt Ryan, Joe Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald, and Von Miller do if they weren't playing in the NFL.  


Video: What Foods Do NFL Stars Crave?

Joe Thomas, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Khalil Mack and others talk about their diets.


Watch NFLers Talk about the Last Time They Cried

J.J. Watt, Patrick Peterson, Philip Rivers, Larry Fitzgerald, Von Miller and Joe Thomas talk about the last time they cried in this video. 


Video: NFL Players Reveal their Biggest Fears

Football stars reveal in these interviews what they're afraid of. 


2017 Kid Reporter NFL Mock Draft

Kid Reporter Dylan Goldman predicts the first round of the draft.


Check Out This Clip of Von Miller on "Crashletes"

Von Miller ends up in Stevie's cute corner in this clip from Sunday's episode of Crashletes.


When NFL Pros Were in College

The NFL's top players have taken very different routes to professional stardom. We look back at 10 of today's biggest stars to track their route to the pros.


Heisman Hopeful Deshaun Watson Has Clemson Thinking Big

A season after losing the biggest game of his life, Clemson quarterback — and Heisman Trophy candidate — Deshaun Watson is thinking big.


"1st and 10" Book Exceprt: Top 10 Sack Masters

In this excerpt from Sports Illustrated Kids' book 1st and 10: Top 10 Lists of Everything in Football, we breakdown the 10 of the best defenders to ever play in the NFL.


Favre, Harrison, Dungy Lead 2016 NFL Hall of Fame Class

Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, and Tony Dungy lead the 2016 class of legends enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend in Canton.


Rugby-style Tackling Catching On In Football

From youth squads to NFL teams, more and more football coaches are using rugby-style tackling to help reduce head hits. One company working with those teams is Atavus.