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Steven Stamkos Spin-o-Rama Shootout Spectacular!

There's a lot of talk about there about the NHL shootout. Some people say a player can shoot more than once. Others think there should be an extra layer of overtime (maybe 3-on-3) before reaching a shootout. Still others want to see it eliminated all together. What most people agree ohm though, is that it needs to change — the shootout can be really boring or really awesome. Last night's Islanders-Lightning shootout was definitely one of the awesome ones.

The teams headed into the shootout tied 2-2, and it took 13 rounds — 13!! — to decide a winner. Tampa Bay picked up the W and the all-important extra point, which they need to keep pace in the Atlantic Division. Lightning defenseman Sami Salo ultimately notched the winner, but it was star Steven Stamkos that lit up the highlight reel with a sick spin-o-rama:

With goals like that, how can anyone possibly want to see the shootout go away?! (By the way, the video above is of the entire 13-round shootout. It's pretty epic.)

What do you think: Should the NHL keep the shootout? Should the format be changed? Or should it be eliminated all together? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo: Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images

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