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10 Questions With...Jon Lester

Since 2006, All-Star pitcher Jon Lester has been tormenting sluggers in the heavy-hitting American League East. Now the Boston Red Sox ace is taking on a new set of challengers: anyone with a mobile device. Face the Ace Games has developed a new 3D mobile game called Jon Lester Hardball Ace (available for download at the iTunes store). The game dares you to get a hit against Lester from a first-person perspective – and trust us, it is not easy. Lester took some time off from intimidating both real hitters and mobile challengers to talk to us. Pitching for Lester is easy, but 10 Questions? Keep reading to see how he did.

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What time is your alarm set for?
I don’t set it. Our schedule has been pretty bad lately with travel times with two straight Sunday night games. But when we’re at home, it’s a little different. I’ve got a nine month little baby, so we’re usually up with him around 9 o’ clock. When we’re on the road, if my family’s not here, I usually try to sleep in a little bit – around 10, 11 - because we’re up so late. You don’t want to be in the sixth inning and getting tired.

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry ice cream?
Plain vanilla, but I’ll usually throw something in it, like a Snickers bar.

What was your childhood nickname?
Just Les, from my friends and teammates.

If you weren’t an athlete, what would you want to do?
Probably some type of marketing or agent type of job. Growing up, I always liked being involved with sports. It wouldn’t matter, baseball, basketball or football.

Why do you wear the jersey number you do?
It all started back in high school. I wanted #11, but a guy older than me had it, so I chose 13. My first year in pro ball, an older guy wanted 13, so I just reversed it and switched it to 31. It stuck from there.

What is your favorite city to compete in?
It’s always an adventure going to New York. No matter what time of the year it is, it’s always crazy, fun and high intensity.

What do you do on days off?
It depends on the city and the weather. Sometimes we’ll play golf. Last year in Minnesota, we all hit up the Mall of America. Other than that, we hang out in the hotel, catch up on some rest and watch movies. It just depends on what city you’re in and what each city has to offer.

Who is the greatest athlete of all-time?
I’d have to say [Michael] Jordan. I never got to see him in person, but I watched a lot of his games on TV.

Who is your best friend in sports?
It’s hard to narrow down to one guy. I’d say the whole pitching staff with us here is a pretty tight knit crew. There are a couple guys I have more in common with like Daniel Bard and Josh Beckett, but we’re all pretty close.

What is the last item that you purchased?
Does my wife count? She got some stuff the other day but I don’t know what she got. I’ll go shopping, I don’t mind walking around with the little baby and keeping him entertained. Actually, I did get a shirt the other day, but that’s probably it.