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Teddy Roosevelt finally wins Nationals' Presidents Race

For weeks baseball fans have been focused on the tight pennant races throughout the major leagues. On Wednesday, another baseball race grabbed the attention of fans in the nation's capital. Since 2006, the Washington Nationals have been hosting a Presidents Race where mascots of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt have sprinted around the field at Nationals Park. In more than 500 races, Teddy had never won the race even once. That all changed during the final regular season game for the Nats against the Philadelphia Phillies when the 26th President of the United States with the help of a weird, alternate-universe Phillies mascot called the Fakenatic, who tripped up Teddy's competition allowing Roosevelt to cross the finish line first. Of course, as the video below shows, Teddy's success is the result of lots of hard work and an extra dose of Natitude.

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