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Youth Baseball All-Star Plays With Only One Arm

Like a lot of 12-year-olds, Dawson Batts loves to play baseball. What sets him apart, though, is that he was born without a left arm. But that hasn't stopped the Fayetteville, North Carolina, tween from excelling on the diamond.

Last weekend, Dawson played in the National Youth Baseball Championships All-Star Challenge. (He was there representing MVP Nations Baseball.) He got some time at the plate and got in an at-bat. How'd he do? Watch and see:

As you can imagine, Dawson drew a lot of attention at the All-Star Challenge. But it didn't faze him. His mom, Erica, said Dawson's used to it. And anyway, his grandmother Susan added, all that matters is that he's' playing.

"He's more happy on the field than not doing anything," Susan told "If he can't play ball, he's miserable. But as long as he's out there playing, he's happy go lucky. That's his life: the ballfield."

You can read more about Dawson and how he learned to play baseball with only one arm at

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