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The Houston Astros' Epic #SlideFail

Did you happen to catch the Houston Astros-Cincinnati Reds game last night? No? All you missed was one one of the best worst slides of the season. Or maybe any season.

The photo above catches the lowest point of the Astros' pretty awful season. In the first inning, down 4-0, Astros shortstop Jonathan Villar tried to stretch a single into a double — off a ball hit into shallow centerfield — and just choked. Big time.

Here's how the play looked as it happened:

The Astros would end up losing 10-0, which was their 100th loss of the season. Their record now stands at 51-100, with 11 games remaining. Its a dismal American League debut for the team (it moved from the NL Central to the AL West this season). But for as bad as the Astros have been this year, there is one bright spot: They won't have the worst record in recent MLB history when their season reaches its merciful end. That dubious honor belongs to the 2003 Detroit Tigers, which finished that campaign a staggering 43-119.

It's a small victory, but when you're a 100-loss team you've got to take the victories — any victories — where you can find them!

jonathan villar houston astros slide

Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images