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Picking Team USA's 12-man World Cup roster

While Team USA is without its typical firepower, it is not devoid of talent all together. The Crossover takes a look at the best available players, devises a potential roster for the FIBA World Cup and points out who could miss the cut. 


Breaking Bad: The downfall of Penn legend Jerome Allen

What would lead Penn's basketball coach, an ex-pro player and beloved Quakers star, to take payouts from the father of a phony recruit? And what would happen when that phony recruit's father turned out to be the man behind a sprawling Medicare fraud? Before the Varsity Blues scandal, there was Jerome Allen.


Every game will mean more in the new West

With the Warriors set to regress to the mean next season, teams that took cover have resurfaced. There's finally something to play for in the Western Conference, and we could see as many as 12 or 13 teams vying for the playoffs until the bitter end.


Behind the scenes with Rich Paul: The NBA's new king maker

The most polarizing figure in the NBA is not any owner, player, exec or even LeBron James—it’s Rich Paul, the King’s agent and friend, who unleashed havoc on the league this past season when he demanded that New Orleans trade star client Anthony Davis in a seeming bid to unite him with James in L.A. Paul’s next moves could reshape the entire league, but here’s the thing: He and LeBron have bigger plans.