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Y.E. Yang Tames Tiger

At the PGA Championship last Sunday, all of Asia celebrated the victory of South Korean Y.E. Yang. Yang became the first Asian to ever win a major PGA tournament. Finishing the tournament at 8-under put him ahead of Tiger Woods, who finished 5-under.

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Going into the final round, Tiger was ahead by two strokes, but he bogeyed the final two holes. He admitted that his shots were good but he couldn’t finish the job with his putting.

This would have been Tiger’s 15th major championship. When asked in an interview whether it was more of a win or loss for him, he replied with, “Well it’s both. I mean I certainly was in control of the tournament most of the day. I was playing well, hitting the ball well, I was making nothing, but still, tied for lead or ahead. And, [Yang] played great all day. I don’t think he really missed a shot all day.”

In fact, on Sunday, Yang had two bogeys, two birdies, and one eagle while Tiger finished the day with five bogeys and two birdies. Tiger didn’t have any eagles in the entire tournament.

Some were convinced that Tiger would win, but as the last two holes of the tournament came into sight, Tiger chocked up. Yang seemed to get better, but Tiger went from shooting a 67 in Round 1 to a 75 in Round 4.

Some may say it is upsetting that Tiger lost. Personally, I am a huge fan of Tiger Woods. I think he is undeniably the best golfer ever to play the sport. But I was happy that someone else got to be crowned the winner of a major.

I’m sure Tiger could have easily won the tournament if he worked on his putting, Y.E. Yang came from behind and won what he deserved. We will have to see if these two ever meet again. If they do, I’m sure Yang will play with as much effort and grace as he did in this past tournament. And Tiger will be at his best looking for another win to add to his long list of accomplishments.