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Ray Allen is the Ultimate Sneakerhead

Collecting sneakers has become a huge hobby and a big business in the US and around the world. And if Ray Allen’s Instagram feed is any indication, the NBA star is one of the biggest sneakerheads around.

Yesterday, he celebrated the completion of his sneaker closet by posting a photo showing off all his kicks lined up along the wall:

There’s got to be at least 100 pairs there! And he wasn’t done. He gave his followers a peek at another part of the sneaker storeroom:

Impressive! But the photos are just the latest in Allen’s social media celebration of sneakers. Sometimes he’ll pull a pair of classics out of his collection and share them with the Internet, like he did 4 months ago with a couple of his personal favorite Jordans:

And then there are the days where he just brags about his shoe game:

And there are the times when he goofs off with sneakers while driving:

The best, though, is when he gives shoes away. The contest typically happens in two steps. First, he sends out a photo of a pair and says be on the lookout, then he Instagrams another shot of the shoes in their come-and-find-me location:

Dude takes being a sneakerhead to a whole new level. And it’s awesome!

Photos via Instagram