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Women's Professional Soccer Q&A: Marta

With the brand-new Women's Professional Soccer league kicking off, caught up with some of its biggest stars. Over the next two weeks, we'll be rolling out our exclusive Q&As with the WPS stars.

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Up first, Brazilian superstar and Los Angeles Sol striker Marta.

Perhaps the best female player in the world, Marta is a three-time FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year. At the 2007 Pan-American Games, she led Brazil to the championship by scoring a tournament-high 12 goals. She also helped her country finish second at the 2007 Women’s World Cup and the 2008 Olympics.

Here's what Marta had to say about playing alongside some of her U.S. rivals, her goals for the WPS, and coming to America...

What made you decide to play in the WPS?
I think it is another challenge in my career: to bring the WPS back to the eyes of the world. I want to help women’s soccer in the U.S., I want my club win the competitions and I want to score as much as I can.

Do you think it will be weird playing with some of the America players who have been your rivals in the Olympics and World Cup?
No way. It’s the opposite. We will learn with each other. And, for me, it will be an honor to play with the best women soccer players in the world.

Do you think playing with them will better prepare you to play against them in international competition?
In some ways, it could be helpful to me. But it will be better for them too, because they will know me better than they do now.

Will it be difficult for you to communicate with them?
I understand the most part of the conversations. But to speak English is more difficult. Anyway, on the field, the language is unique.

How have your family and friends reacted to the news that you’re coming to the US?
They are all excited, like me.

Do you feel like the female version of David Beckham?
No. David is a great football player, one of the best. I must play more years to reach his excellence.

What’s your best skill on the field?
I think it’s that I run fast.

When you’re not playing soccer, what are some things you like to do?
I like to play my guitar, to watch a movie, to be with my friends. I am a very normal person.