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Reebok Zigtech

Described as "an energy drink for your feet" by Reebok, the Zigtech performance sneaker was built to keep you running faster, and for longer.

And how do they pull this off?

Well, that zig-zaggy pattern on the soles* isn't there solely for styling reasons (although... it does look kinda nice). It's a lightweight foam. And the way it's stretched back-and-forth -- most sneakers don't have such large gaps on the sole-bottoms -- allows the sneaker to absorb the impact created every time your heel hits pavement, and re-distribute that shock throughout the shoe.

Basically... it soaks up the bumps you endure while running, so that your knees, shins and other leg-parts don't have to. Which probably means they should be called "shock-absorbers for your feet." But "energy drink" sounds cooler, I get it. 

Speaking of cool... Reebok unveiled the Zigtech earlier today by staging a series of custom workouts at the RBK Sports Club in New York. The workouts, designed by superstar athletes DeMarcus Ware, Jerricho Cotchery and Chuck Liddell (who were also in attendance), were set up in a way that allowed participants to get a feel for the training regiment of a professional athlete, and for the shoe, as everyone in attendance received a pair.

How do I know this? I know this because I was there! Lol.

Check back here later for pics from the event, as well as my rundown on how the shoes held up. In the meantime. you can see close-ups of the Zigtechs below.

*Hence why they call it Zigtech... I think...

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