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Adidas Unveils Springblade, a Crazy, Revolutionary New Shoe

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You'd be excused if you thought the shoe above looked a little crazy. If not crazy, you could definitely call the Adidas Springblade different than most any shoe we've seen. In some ways, the shoe has thrown out 30 years of shoe technology to try something completely different.

Over six years of development, the Adidas Innovation Team tried a series of designs and tweaks to create this shoe with 16 polymer blades that replace the foam midsoles that have been a staple of running shoes for more than three decades. The idea is that the blades are more durable than the foam, maintain their shape better in varying temperature conditions and provide better energy return than normal shoes.

The Springblade will be out in August and will retail for $180. Let us know what you think of the design in the comments below? Do you think it's weird, cool, ugly or all three!