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Tuesday Afterschool Special: Upset City

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OKC stuns Warriors in Game 1

After their upset series-win over the Spurs, most people didn't give the Thunder much of a chance against the Golden State Warriors. But last night Oklahoma City took a pivotal Game 1 on the road. Their stars didn't shoot well — Durant went 10-30, Westbrook 7–21 — but they defended and rebounded. The Warriors shot just 36.7% from three.

Worth watching: Billy Donovan leaned heavily on Durant (45:35) with only eight players dressed to Golden State's 11. Will fatigue eventually set in or can the Thunder build off this impressive win?

Sid wins it in OT

Lightning did not precede Thunder last night, thanks to this overtime snipe from Sidney Crosby:

Rare photos of Crosby

Brad Ausmus' creative ejection

Note: When he took his hoodie off to cover home plate (???), he didn't have a jersey on.

A fielder and a gentleman

Today's Peanuts

Photo credit: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images