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Monday Afterschool Special: Make it Stop!


Deflategate? Still? Really?

Just when you thought it was safe to forget all about Deflategate, Deflategate is back! Earlier today, a federal appeals court ruled to uphold the NFL’s four-game suspension on Tom Brady. The decision comes six months (!!) after a U.S. district court judge said in September that Brady didn’t have to serve the suspension. And that came four months after the NFL issued a report into the Deflategate “scandal.” So, for everyone keeping track at home, we’ve been talking about under inflated footballs since January 18, 2015. We’ve been dealing with this for more than a year — and we might be in store for more, depending on whether or not the Patriots want to appeal today’s ruling to the Supreme Court, which is the last place this case can go now. I think this Brady gif speaks for all of us:


The Most High-Profile Suspensions in American Sports History

Photo: Steven Senne/AP (Brady), Giphy (gif)