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Q & A with motocross star James Stewart

Most fans know James Stewart as a motorcycle racer. The 24-year-old has won numerous motorcross and supercross titles. Some die-hard supporters have probably even seen Stewart’s YouTube videos where he lip-syncs along to disco tunes.But fans will see an entirely new side of Stewart when his new reality show “Bubba’s World” premiers on Fuel TV on March 28 at 10 p.m. The series takes viewers behind the scenes into Stewart’s life and introduces them to his family and friends.

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But Stewart hasn’t gone all Hollywood. His main focus is still on racing motorcycles. A broken bone in his wrist cut short Stewart’s attempt to defend his supercross title in 2010. He is still rehabbing the injury but hopes to return for the outdoor motocross season in May.

Amidst all the things Stewart has going on, he managed to squeeze in some time to speak with recently in New York City. Here’s what he had to say about his new show, his injury, and his future plans.

Q. How did you feel after you got injured?

A. It was tough in the beginning. If I knew that I was going to work three months [to prepare for the supercross season] and bust my tail and just ride two races, then maybe I would’ve just taken it easy. But I got hurt and things got set back. I’m looking forward to maybe trying to get in the outdoor season and seeing where I’m at. Hopefully I can win that season. I think [the injury] is only going to make me better and give me more time to rest. 

Q. What exactly was the injury?

A. I broke the navicular bone in my right wrist. That’s why I’ve been shaking hands with my left hand. It’s a small bone. It doesn’t get a lot of blood flow so it doesn’t heal really quick. It’s not one of those bones that you really want to play around with even though it is small.

Q. Have you been riding your motorcycle?

A. I’m getting close. I haven’t started riding. I’ve got all the physical training going so hopefully pretty soon I’ll be knocking it out [on the bike].

Q. Are you psyched for outdoor season?

A. I am psyched to just see where I’m at. I’m a little nervous. I think I should be pretty good but you never know until you get out there and see what these [other racers] are doing.

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Q. How closely have you been following things on the supercross circuit?

A. I know everything. I know the points leaders in every class. I know who’s won every race. I definitely keep up with it. You can’t let anything slide pass.

Q. What made you want to do a reality show?

A. At first it was tough because I was like, “Do I want to air, I don’t want to say my dirty laundry, but people are going to know what’s going on with my life.” When they came to me with the option of this show, I looked at how big it could be or how small it could be. It was something fun. It was something different.

Q. What kind of adventures are we going to se?

A. It’s a lot. I end up buying a new house in the show. I think one thing that’s going to be fun is people are going to see how much I travel. [Viewers will] see who my mom and dad are, see my brother and some of my friends. It should be fun.

Q. When you hear your own voice does it freak you out?

A. It definitely does. My voice is not really deep. When I hear it, I try to turn the TV [channel]. I’ve got a premier party in a couple days, and that’s probably going to be the most nervous I’ve been in my whole life.