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Fantasy Casting: "Danica"

Everyday this week, we're fantasy casting one athlete’s (not-yet-in-production) movie. (Why? Because Kurt Warner is getting a movie, that's why!)

We've already cast The Legend of Tim Tebow and Gold-Medal Summer: The Michael Phelps Story. Today, we bring you Danica!
 Danica Patrick may be only 5 foot two inches and 100 pounds, but one thing is for sure: she is the greatest female NASCAR driver of all time. Among her many impressive accomplishments, Patrick made history by having the highest finish of any female driver at the Indianapolis 500 (third place) in 2009. For Patrick’s life story to become a successful movie, skill, speed, and fearlessness are required in any actress who might be cast as the leading lady in a traditionally men’s sport. Anne Hathaway fits that bill. Hathaway played the daring and feisty role of Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, in The Dark Knight Rises. She proved she could star in a physically demanding role and show an intense attitude required of a NASCAR star. Some other stars in Patrick’s life that could star in her movie would be her NASCAR boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who could be played by Chris Pine. Pine starred alongside Hathaway as her love interest in The Princess Diaries 2, and the on-screen chemistry could easily translate into Patrick’s life movie. Kyle Petty recently made some controversial comments about Danica Patrick’s status as a racecar driver, and would be a great part in her movie. Michael Biehn — who has had a long career of playing tough guys — would be perfect for the role of the one-time driver. And what would a racing movie be without cars? To portray Patrick’s signature green wheels, why not pull Chick Hicks from the movie Cars out of the garage?Who else would you cast in a Danica Patrick movie? Let us know in the comments section! And check back tomorrow for the next superstar casting session!Photos: Patrick, Nick Laham/Getty Images; Hathaway, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images; Stenhouse, Chris Graythen/Getty Images; Pine, Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Petty, Todd Warshaw/Getty Images; Biehn, Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images; Racecar, Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR; Hicks, Disney/Pixar

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