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You Can Never Get Too Much Sox-Yanks

The Red Sox versus Yankees series might have been last week, but does this rivalry ever get old? 

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In case you had to think about that question, the intensity between the enemies will never be boring and always stay exciting. Several nights ago, the Red Sox opened up Fenway park to not only thousands of Boston Fans, but also the excited defending champions of the World Series, the New York Yankees. What could get better then this?

The first game of the season was broadcasted nationally on television where the future of these two amazing teams was previewed. Sure, the Yankees took the series, but did they sweep the Red Sox off their feet? Not at all. After a long opening game, the Yankees actually fell short and lost opening night, 9-7.

Opening night says a lot about a baseball team. It is the beginning of a long season. This begins the cycle of several long days and nights spent concentrating on that one main goal of winning the World Series.

If you win your first game, it provides motivation for the rest of the season. The Yankees have an undeniably incredible lineup. After being champions last year, you can bet they would like to start up a familiar streak of winning. But the Red Sox are not far behind. With new pitcher John Lackey looking sharp already, and new players like Marco Scutaro and Mike Cameron, the Sox have the potential to win it all.

The safety the Yankees will always have is the big names. When you say Jeter, Rodriguez, Teixeira, Sabathia, and Rivera, you can easily put a face to those names. These five men are some of the greatest baseball players of all time, and the Yankees have them all at the same time. If the Red Sox could snatch one or two big players that could help them score some more runs, they would give the Yankees some competition.

The Red Sox have really surprised me with some of the moves they have made. I think they are moving in the right direction with taking there older players and sitting them on the bench (Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek,) but they need to make sure to strengthen the regular lineup. The Yankees have nothing to worry about because their team is so solid in everything: fielding, batting, and pitching. Though they better continue to do so because I have faith the Red Sox can defeat the Yankees this year if they put there all into every game they play.

If you’re a Red Sox or Yankee fan though, the rivalry is your concentration point during baseball season, so you all better get excited for some action on May 7-9 here in my hometown of Boston. Welcome to another season of baseball guys between to great teams, filled with upsets, victories, and most of all the power to surprise you.