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Why Isn't Professional Soccer Catching On?

Why are people not as interested in professional soccer as they are in lower leagues?

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Some people believe that watching a relative or someone you know play brings more excitement to the game, whereas paying money to watch professionals play does not bring the same thrill.

I feel as if, when kids our age play in soccer games, they are playing with effort, trying to impress their parents, and working on their skills. And once you reach a certain level, it is also about winning.

The most exciting games are filled with onlookers who support the intensity of these games. In professional soccer, the players are playing because it is their job. I am sure that all of them have a love of the game, but seeing people you don’t know play a somewhat “slow” sport is difficult to enjoy.

Even though soccer involves lots of running, I say the sport is “slow” because it doesn’t have many climatic points in the game. Soccer games have the same routine, you pass and then you shoot. You play defense, and then you steal the ball away from the other team by being aggressive. What makes a soccer game interesting is if the game has an intensity that makes the crowd feel like they have to watch the game.

Watching professionals out on a big stadium may get a little boring after you see nothing happening. Even though soccer is one of my favorite sports to play, professional soccer isn’t one of my favorite things to watch.