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Do you think that hockey cellys are better than touchdown dances or vice versa? Hockey cellys, like Patrick Kane’s “heartbreaker,” are certain to make you smile, and fans go crazy for touchdown dances like the Seahawks’, “If It Isn’t Love,” boogie. Are touchdown dances better than hockey cellys, or do hockey cellys take the cake? Well…let's just say we will settle that argument with this article.

Besides the “Heartbreaker,” there are some other epic hockey cellys like “the Conor McGregor'' from Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand, and Winnipeg Jets’ Teemu Selanne’s “Shooting the Duck,” which he did after scoring against the Anaheim Ducks. Artemi Panarin's, “Kick the Head,” Tiger Williams’, “Witch,” and Milan Hejduk’s, “Swimmer” cellies are glorious.

NHL Rookie Connor Bedard has also shown us some new and exciting cellys, such as the slick “Hair Sweep,” and serious “Stare Down.”

On the other hand, scoring celebrations after football touchdowns are also impressive. One example is the “Roller Coaster” done by the Miami Dolphins where everyone could enjoy the ride. The same is true for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Hide and Seek” touchdown game.

Other impressive examples are the famous Lambeau Leap where the scoring player jumps into the stands and celebrates with the fans after a touchdown, or Tyreek Hill’s athletic backflip.

Most fans have also enjoyed the iconic Deion Sanders “high stepping” into the end zone, or whatever fun dance Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Mixon decides to do after he scores.

How do you compare the scoring celebrations? Let’s look at what is better about each:

Hockey CellysTouchdown Dances

Can use the whole ice to celebrate

Can jump in the stands

Never was a penalty

Can include 11 people

A classic prop (the stick)

A versatile prop (the football)

Faster thanks to the ice

Nearby cheerleaders can contribute

Spontaneity and joy

Time to plan

In conclusion, you can’t help but appreciate both hockey cellys and football touchdown dances. Scoring in any sport is fun, and it is even more electrifying in both hockey and football because of their after score celebrations. Both hockey and football win. It is time for other sports to catch up.