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The Sox Aren't Sunk Yet

The Red Sox might have been swept by the Yankees in a four-games series over the weekend, but yesterday Boston got back on track, beating Detroit, 6-5. Meanwhile, the Yankees lost to Toronto, 5-4.

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The Yankees looked like the perfect team against Boston, but to tell you the truth, the Red Sox didn’t play their best. In April, the Sox swept the Yankees in three games, in May Boston swept again in two games, and in June the Sox swept the Yanks in three games.

Before the All-Star Game, the Red Sox burned the Yankees as if they were not even trying. The Yankees have an undeniably great team, but so do the Red Sox.

When I watched the series this past weekend, I was surprised to watch Boston’s great pitchers let up runs. The pressure was on the Yankees, but it ended up being put on the Sox. They didn’t want to be humiliated in losing four straight games. But they obviously didn’t give all their effort into the game.

Also, if you have ever been to Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium when the Red Sox and Yankees are playing each other, you know that the fans contribute to the pressure that is put on the players to succeed. On August 21-23, the teams will meet again. This time, the Yankees are coming to town, and I know that the Sox will show that they have what it takes to not lose on their own turf.