Patriots Need to Turn it Around Quick

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Game one the Patriots win, but game two is a loss. After two upsetting seasons for their fans, the Pats looked to step it up a notch and please the crowd with a lot of wins and a championship.

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Right now, this dream is not looking so good.

After losing to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots have not looked great. In their first game against Buffalo, the Patriots barely took home the win, 25-24. The defense didn’t look that great. They were not light on their feet and they seemed to not be on top of things. And the Patriots almost lost the game because, with only a few seconds remaining, the Buffalo Bills worked a lateral that scared Pats fans.

Tom Brady must have a lot on his mind too, because he has definitely played better in the past. Last Sunday, the Patriots faced the Jets and lost. As I watched a replay of the game, it came to my attention that the offense and defense looked lazy. The offense wasn’t making any quick moves to get around the Jets defense, and the defense didn’t look like they could stop the Jets offense. The Patriots could only score nine points. They didn’t even score a touchdown.

I am a huge Patriots fan, but even the players know that if they want to make it to the playoffs, they have to start working harder. My hope is by game 3, the Patriots will have a stronger force of offense and defense. I know that somewhere deep is a concentrated team that has the ability to win the Super Bowl. Lets hope that it is shown in the games to come. If not, I don’t know how anyone could manage watching a team that was once great turn into a group of players that fails time after time.