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Missing Manny: How will the Dodgers React?

When the big man on campus leaves, how does everyone react?

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Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers have that situation with their superstar player, Manny Ramirez. He is suspended for 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance.

The former Red Sox slugger was traded to the Dodgers last year, and has made a significant impact in L.A. Though aside from Ramirez, the Dodgers have a few key players that shine in the spotlight. A few of their other shining stars are Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, Mark Loretta (another former Red Sox), and Orlando Hudson.

If you know your Dodgers, then you are aware that there is not a single pitcher in the group above.

The problem with the Dodgers is that they have a lot of great hitters that can knock balls out of the park, but L.A. does not have stupendous veteran pitching. Half of baseball is having good starting pitching, a good bullpen, and a good closer.

Without one of their key hitters on the field, the pitchers on the team, such as the decent Jeff Weaver, will be left to get the job done as best as he can without a lot of run support. Weaver has a current 2.57 ERA, but I am not sure he will be able to keep pitching a good six or seven innings.

If the Dodgers have a prayer of winning the NL West title, they need to show that even with Manny missing, they can still be the team that most of California is rooting for. Since Manny came to town, the team has definitely shown immense improvement.

But with a setback like this, I am sure most Dodgers fans are hoping for the suspension of Manny Ramirez to go by quickly.