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Forget Dr. James Naismith. Harlem Globetrotters let fans decide rules

The rules of basketball haven't changed much since Dr. James Naismith invented the game in 1891. Luckily the Harlem Globetrotters are here to shake things up a bit. As part of this year's world tour, the Globetrotters are unveiling a "You Write The Rules" concept. Fans who come to their games can vote on which new rule should go into effect. Fans can choose from two ball basketball (teams play with two balls at the same time), double points (each basket counts twice as much), four point shot (shots made from a spot WAY beyond the three-point line are worth four points), penalty box (players are sent to a special area on the sideline if they misbehave), and six-on-five (the Globetrotters' five players take on six opponents). Since fans vote, each game could have a different rule put in place which will make the Globetrotters games even more exciting. To find out where the Globetrotters are playing and to vote on your favorite rule, go to

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