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Broncos: Bring Back The Horseys!

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Remember when throwback jerseys used to be cool? A nice little change from the tried and true unis fans had grown accustomed to? Well, thanks to the Denver Broncos, I think it's time to officially pronounce those time OVER! At 6-0, the Broncos are one of only four undefeated teams left in the NFL this season. But in my opinion two of those wins are tainted since Denver wore its horrendously ugly throwback uniforms. One can forgive the Patriots and Chargers for not being able to properly focus against the Broncos because they were distracted by the strange yellows and browns they were seeing on the backs of Kyle Orton and crew.

The uniforms are replicas of the ones the team wore in 1960 and the Broncos are wearing them to mark the 50th anniversary of the old American Football League. At best, the uniforms look like a tree as it's changing colors in fall, which I'm sure is exactly the kind of thing that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents. At worst, the look like...well, maybe we shouldn't go there.

But even if opposing teams aren't intimidated by the horrific brown and yellow color combination, they still have to deal with the socks. Ah yes, the socks represent the true tipping point in this fashion crime. The black and white socks feature either straight lines, swirly lines, or checkerboards. When you look at them, you expect to hear a voice saying, "You are getting very, very sleepy."

What really makes this whole situation so confusing is that the Broncos have really cool uniforms already. I always thought that the wild horse on Denver's helmets was one of the coolest logos in the league, and the orange and navy uniforms seemed flashy and classy at the same time. So to see them go from so high on the uni list to rock bottom is kind of sad. Fortunately, the team is not scheduled to wear the outfits again this season. If the Broncos are smart, they'll lock them away in a closet somewhere. And then burn the closet.