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Zepp Labs Announces New Tennis App

Dedicated readers of SI Kids will know Zepp Labs. Back in April, we included their product Zepp Baseball — a sensor that attaches to the bottom of a bat to provide a player with data on his swing through a mobile app — in our 2014 Baseball Gear Guide. The company also produces a golf sensor and, today, it unveiled its latest gadget, Zepp Tennis.

Like Zepp Baseball, the tennis app gathers information on what's going on when you swing your racket to help you identify problem areas and improve your mechanics. The sensor (which is the same one that's used for Zepp Baseball) attaches to the bottom of the racket handle and pairs with the Zepp Tennis app. As you take your swings, the sensor detects your racket speed, serve mechanics, ball contact, ball spin, and impact time, among other metrics. The sensor sends all that to the app, which gives you detailed 3D analysis of your serve and swing — the first time an app has delivered that kind of feedback.

Here's a short video of Zepp Tennis in action:

The sensor costs $149.99 and is available at The app is free to download for Apple and Android devices.

Photo courtesy Zepp Labs

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