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Dancing with the Stars results: David Ross, Rashad Jennings advance

Simone Biles eliminated from DWTS despite two perfect scores

Simone Biles was shockingly eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. 


Terry Francona trolls Kevin Cash in return to Cleveland

Terry Francona is right. Kevin Cash was a terrible hitter. (But so was Francona.)


Watch: Family gets new home furnished by Tyler Perry

Last year's SI Sportskids of the Year got a look at their new apartment.


Teen runs 71-minute half-marathon while wearing Crocs

A two-hour marathon was run over the weekend but a kid in Crocs may have been more impressive.


SI Kids reporter interviews Bryant on Tonight Show

SI Kids Kid Reporter interviews Kobe Bryant on Tonight Show.


Uncle Drew movie starring Kyrie Irving is on the way

Remember Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew Pepsi ad? It could be coming full-length to a theater near you.


Watch: Hopkins lacrosse scores on hidden-ball trick

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book.

These are the world's most valuable sports franchises

The Dallas Cowboys top the list of the world's most valuable sports franchises. 


Brady posts Instagrams of attempted tackle on INT

Tom Brady could have a second career as a self-deprecating comedian if he wanted.


VIDEO: One-armed 8th grader can dunk like it’s no big deal

Trashaun Willis is in eighth grade and dunk with ease. Oh, and he has one arm. 


Pats' Super Bowl win the latest epic sports championship

Watch some of the most exciting championship moments of the last year. 


Boston PD’s absurd reaction to the Patriots winning

This reaction is a more than a bit over the top. 


Gisele Bundchen goes crazy as Patriots complete comeback

Gisele Bundchen lost it after the Patriots won their fifth title.


The worst way to discover 24 rattlesnakes in your house

One crawled up the toilet and that wasn’t even the worst part. 


Extra Mustard’s guide to throwing a great Super Bowl party

Throw the best Super Bowl party of the year with the help of Extra Mustard's handy guide.


Patriots fan admits to faking Tom Brady/lost tooth story

He bought makeup at CVS and fooled Tom Brady into thinking he got his tooth knocked out.


Quiz: Are you a bandwagon Patriots fan?

Are you a real Patriots fan, or did you just jump on the bandwagon?


Watch every released Super Bowl LI commercial

Many Super Bowl ads are released before the broadcast. Watch them all here. 


Quiz: How well do you know the greatest Super Bowl moments?

From the helmet catch to the guarantee, how much do you know about the Super Bowl’s best moments?


Try not to laugh with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal

Re-watch this hilarious video shoot with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.


Quiz: Who should you root for in the Super Bowl?

It should be an easy choice, but should you root for the Patriots or Falcons. 


The 15 funniest Super Bowl commercials of all time

From the talking baby to the office linebacker, here are the best Super Bowl commercials over the years. 


VIDEO: Cab driver shocked to find John Elway back seat

He couldn’t believe it when he saw John Elway sitting in his car. 


Watch Tom Brady try (and fail) to speak German

One thing Tom Brady can’t do is speak German. 


San Diego moving companies refusing to help Chargers

Twenty-four San Diego-area moving companies have pledged not to aid the Chargers' move to Los Angeles. 


John Wall dunks on little boy in Disney cameo

It's a strange cameo to say the least.


Watch: LeBron James Jr. is really good at basketball

LBJ's son, now 12 years old, continues to impress. 


VIDEO: Reporter shoves idiot Steelers fan out of his shot

There are ways to get on TV without being a jerk. 


VIDEO: Former UCLA star dunks over five people

Tyler Honeycutt pulled off an absurd dunk in the Turkish league’s dunk contest on Sunday. 


Sixers use Triple H’s entrance song to introduce Embiid

It’s all about the Process, and how you trust it.


Shirts mocking Chargers’ logo already for sale in San Diego

San Diego fans took just hours to start capitalizing on the Chargers’ new logo. 


Minor league baseball teams make fun of the Chargers

The internet had fun at the expense of the Chargers.


Quiz: Are you a bandwagon Cowboys fan?

The Cowboys are finally good again, but are you a real fan?


Internet reacts to Chargers' new logo for LA

People on social media all agree that the new Chargers logo is not that great.


Hospitalized baby soothed by Dallas Cowboys games

The parents of a Texas baby hospitalized with a congenital heart defect are turning to an unlikely source to soothe her: the Dallas Cowboys.


Rizzo brings World Series trophy to hospital

Anthony Rizzo brought the World Series Trophy to a children's hospital in Chicago.


Quiz: Falcon or Seahawk?

Can you tell a seahawk from falcon? No, not the football teams. 


Michigan campus police to surprise walk-on with scholarship

Michigan surprised senior Andrew Dakich a scholarship, but not without having a little fun with him first.


VIDEO: This badminton rally is too outrageous to believe

This badminton rally is absolutely thrilling.