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Tuesday Afterschool Special: Hi and Bye

Summing up the wild MLB trade deadline

'Twas an odd trade deadline yesterday. The Chicago Cubs, the best team in the MLB, made moves to get even better by adding closer Aroldis Chapman earlier this month. The Cleveland Indians did the same, adding relief pitcher Andrew Miller. In order for both of those things to happen, the Yankees needed to shock the world by doing the opposite of what they've always done: Getting rid of players rather than adding them. The Yanks have now dealt away three veterans in Miller, Chapman, and Carlos Beltran in exchange for some of the best minor-league prospects in the game. 

Those are the winners. The losers? Yasiel Puig, probably. He is expected to be sent to the minors after the Dodgers traded for Josh Reddick and Rich Hill. His career with Los Angeles might be over, but he'll find a new home thanks to his arm:

Blockbuster Trades in Baseball

Demar Dunkrozan

USA Basketball played a real nail-biter (just kidding) against Nigeria last night, winning 110-66 to wrap up a dominant exhibition series. Carmelo Anthony, Mr. USA Basketball himself, led the team with 19 points, while Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant added 17 and 14, respectively. Still, the night belonged to Demar Derozan, who continued his dunking spree with some beauties:

The coolest hockey goal ever

Aaron Rodgers isn't human

This is just hilarious

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Today's Peanuts

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