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Peep These Fantastic Sports Dioramas!


One of the sure signs we’re in the Easter season is the presence of marshmallow Peeps. The colorful candy shaped like baby birds, rabbits, and other animals is everywhere. And chances are you have some in your house right now.

But now that Easter is over, what to do with all those Peeps? How about turning them into sports dioramas?

That’s what some inspired Peepcassos did this year in the Washington Post’s 10th annual Peeps Diorama Contest. The winners were announced last week, and there are truly amazing marshmallowy scenes in the group. But some of the best feature Washington’s sports team — specifically the Nationals and Captials.

Ahem. Excuse me. I mean the Peepitals.


​Check out this diorama, “Washington Peepitals: Unleash the Fury,” created by Kim Smith. It’s a game between Washington and Boston, featuring players like Alexander Ovechick and Braden Holtpeep. Pretty cool! But the real creativity is who’s in the stands. Look around and you’ll see Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman, Deadpool, Abraham Lincoln, Waldo, and his mustachioed doppelgänger, Odlaw.

And those are just the tip of the Peepburg. There are Nationals Racing Presidents in there, along with the Nats’ mascot Screech the Eagle and other local, national, and internationally famous faces.


​Smith told the Post her diorama took six weeks to create. But all the effort — and the Peeps — paid off. She wasn’t one of the finalists, but then again true art very rarely is recognized immediately!

The Peepitals diorama is only one of many sports Peeps creations submitted in this year’s competition. Check out a few more below, and maybe get inspired to find new ways to put your uneaten Peeps to work!




Visit the Washington Post website to see the winners of the 2016 Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest.

Photos via Washington Post