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New Toys Bring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Home

If you see Batman v Superman this weekend and want to keep the superhero slugfest going, you’ll want to check out Mattel’s line of toys from the movie.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters across the country Thursday. It’s the first time Superman and Batman have met on the big-screen. So of course they get to know each other the only way iconic superheroes can: by beating the crap out of each other. (Spoiler alert: They realize at some point that the real enemy is an actual bad guy and stop fighting each other.) Wonder Woman gets in on the action too (it’s the first she’s appeared in a movie, which is crazy!), and other DC heroes are rumored to make cameos — all to set up an eventual Justice League movie.

If you see the movie this weekend and want to keep the superhero slugfest going, you’ll want to check out Mattel’s line of Batman v Superman toys, which are on shelves now.

There are some rad Hot Wheels versions of the Batmobile — from this movie as well as other Batman cinematic adventures — and car versions of characters like the Joker, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman, as well as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Those are really fun, and they let you come up with your own wild comic book adventures. (My personal favorites are the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film, and the vehicles from the old Batman TV series from the 1960s.)

But the really cool stuff can be found in the line of 6” action figures that looked like they stepped right out of the movie (more or less).


​The first wave of toys includes Superman, Superman, and two versions of Battfleck — excuse me, Batman — one in his normal costume and the other in his Kal-El-busting armor. The sculpts are excellent, even if the faces can look kind of weird. Superman, especially, has en expression somewhere between surprise and boredom. They’re super articulated, though, which gives the figures a solid range of movement. You can move their heads, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, torsos, waists — basically, you can put these toys in a ton of positions to reenact scenes from Batman v Superman or come up with battles of your own.

The normal Batman figure is especially good. His cowl is textured, the costume is scarred and worn, and the gloves and boots are painted to look scuffed and used. This is a guy who has seen some serious action.



​The full range of action figures includes a ton more Supermen and Batmen and Wonder Women and other members of the Justice League. Some are larger, some are smaller; some are more articulated, others less so; some are for kids, others are for collectors. But this initial wave of 6” figures (they cost $9.99, so about average for this sort of thing) hits the sweet spot. And if you’re a fan of the movie — or if you’re just a die-hard Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman fan — you’ll want to check them out.