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New McFarlane Figures Bring Madden NFL 17 to Life


Last week was a big one for fans of the Madden video game series. First, New England Patriots tight end (and self-proclaimed Fiesta) Rob Gronkowski was announced as the cover star of Madden NFL 17. Then, hot on the heels of that reveal, McFarlane Toys gave us a first look at some cool new football toys that will make up a line of Madden Ultimate Team action figures.

At least seven top NFL stars will make up the initial wave of toys: Gronkowski, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper, DeAndre Hopkins, and Odell Beckham Jr. The figures will be released in August, with two more Ultimate Team lines to follow later in the NFL season.

If you’ve seen McFarlane’s toys, you know they’re basically mini-statues. The sculpts are finely detailed and hyper realistic. They’re so lifelike that when they’re on your shelf they look like someone miniaturized the actual players. The new figures are part of that tradition. But they also go further by allowing you to unlock Madden NFL 17 content. Each toy will be packaged with a redemption code that gives Madden players seven Madden Ultimate Team Pro-Packs. 


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“Because you get some of these unlockables, the fun part is that the toys are more than just display,” said Todd McFarlane. “With the video game and now the figures, you’ve got that Madden style 24/7, even if your console switch is turned off.”

The figures are a little pricey at $24.99, but the redemption codes get you $10.50 worth of in-game content. So you’re getting your money’s worth. The game and figures will hit stores in August.

Photos: McFarlane Toys