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Micro Boats are Small but Mighty Toys

Zuru's new Micro Boats might be small, but they're mighty. The four-inch toys are powered by motors and sensors to add a new dimension to your play.

When we visited Toy Fair back in February, one of the coolest things we saw was also one of the few things we weren’t allowed to talk about. But six months later, finally, we can.


​Toy cars have been around forever. Toy boats, however, are something new. And Zuru’s Micro Boats are pretty great. They’re about four-inch long speedboats that have tiny motors that activate in water. So put them in a pool, bathtub, or sink and they zip around like an actual boat. And I do mean zip. They move at a scale speed of 200 miles per hour, which means that if these boats were full-size they’d put the speed in speedboat.


​The boats also have sensors in their nose to help them navigate. If it hits a wall or other obstruction, the sensor tells the motor to send the boat into reverse to get around the obstacle.


​There are four toys in the initial line, and each costs $9.99. You can use them in any kind of aquatic situation you have at home, or you can pick up the Micro Boats Shark Attack Challenge Playset. The figure-eight course has tubes that you fill with water, along with an oversized great white shark head that threatens to take a bite out of your boat. The set costs $24.99 and includes an exclusive boat.

Whether you love toy cars or finding new ways to play in water, Micro Boats are definitely worth checking out.