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Athletes Bring the Funny in These TV Spots


Sure, we watch sports to, you know watch sports. The action, the excitement, the drama, the wins, the losses — if you can’t be at a game, catching it on TV is the next best thing. And with TV comes commercials. The games might be entertaining, but the ads can be just as good, especially when they feature athletes. Here are a few that make us laugh out loud!

The Hoopers, Robbed! (State Farm)

DeAndre Jordan (as mom) says someone stole rings from the house. Chris Paul (dad), Kevin Garnett (grandpa), and even Damian Lillard (baby) remind Jordan that he has no rings, as in championship rings. Garnett then fans under his nose. Someone needs a diaper change!

Sibling Rivalry (SportsCenter)

Anchor John Anderson gives the Manning family a tour of the ESPN offices. QBs Peyton and Eli lag behind the group, picking on each other and pointing accusatory fingers when dad Archie turns around. The, err, kicker comes at the end as Peyton plants his shoe firmly on Eli's butt when no one is looking.