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Wednesday Afterschool Special: Bees!

Ned Yost loves the bees

This story actually starts at a Royals/Angels spring training game last year, during which bees took over:

Those bees were poisoned and Kansas City manager Ned Yost was none too happy about it at the time, calling the disposal method "mass bee genocide".

Well, the bees struck back with a vengeance today. Luckily for Yost and bee lovers everywhere, there was a beekeeper in the stands who jumped in to save the day:

After the game, Yost paid the bees the highest compliment, comparing them to his World Champion squad:

Mike Tomlin, Twitter coach

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams had some harsh opinions to share on Twitter on the occasion of Peyton Manning's retirement. His coach responded with some good advice:

And everything like that

Don't let teammates use your iPad

The Gatorade-bath cake

Speaking of baths...

Today's Peanuts

(Photo credit: John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS/Getty Images)