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Wednesday Afterschool Special: Baseball Diplomacy

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Buckeyes and Wolverines trade barbs on social media

When asked about Michigan football's decisions to hold camp in Florida during spring break, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith made a seemingly innocuous remark that I guess could be read as disparaging:

Well, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh, never one to back down from a fight, shot back with a good burn referencing the Ohio State players suspended in 2010 for receiving discount tattoos (among other perks):

For now, though, it seems NFL-bound Buckeye alum Ezekial Elliott had the last laugh (as Gene Smith apologized for accidentally starting the whole fracas):

MLB goes to Cuba

As a sign of thawing U.S.-Cuban relations, the Rays became the first MLB team since the Orioles in 1999 to play a baseball game in the island country. Tampa Bay defeated the Cuban national team, 4–1. President Obama was in attendance, sitting next to Cuban head of state Raul Castro. They even did the wave together!

The First Lady is not having it


NHL fan jersey/logo redesigns

These are always fun. I like the Sens jerseys in particular:

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Mime leads Cubs warm-ups

Today's Peanuts

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