Wednesday Afterschool Special: Unstoppable

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The Warriors are a team of destiny

Just in case you had any doubts after Saturday's overtime comeback win over the Thunder, last night's overtime win over the Hawks — without Stephen Curry in the lineup — should've sealed your absolute belief in the Warriors. We're used to seeing Curry hit preposterous game-winning three-pointers. But Draymond Green?? Off-balance and with the shot clock expiring? Are you kidding me?

And somehow that was only the second most impressive thing Green did all night:

Golden State is now 54–5 and 25–0 at home. That's important because seventeen of their final 23 games are at home. The '95-96 Bulls hold the alltime record for regular season wins with 72. At this point in the season, the Bulls were 53–6. The Spurs also still technically have a chance at the record (they are 50–9 and similarly undefeated at home).

The greatest golf bowling shot of all time...

...and maybe the only golf bowling shot of all time?

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McDavid wins round one of the McEichel showdown

The top two picks from last year's NHL draft — Edmonton's Connor McDavid and Buffalo's Jack Eichel — finally faced off last night. McDavid had the bigger game, as he scored the Oilers' only two goals in a 2–1 win. The loss had to sting for Buffalo fans who were half-expecting to win the draft lottery and get McDavid after their team had the worst record in hockey last year. McDavid scored off the opening puck drop to start the game and in overtime to seal it:

The SI Vault is back

Enjoy full-color PDFs of every Sports Illustrated issue ever in the newly rebuilt Vault.

Carmelo, no...

Everybody loves Bart

He is baseball's greatest athlete

Today's Peanuts

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