Wednesday Afterschool Special: Bonds Is Back

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Barry Bonds, still the home run king

If you're too young to remember Barry Bonds's playing career, you probably mostly associate him with various controversies. But putting side the legitimacy of his records, the guy was unbelievable. It wasn't just the homers: In his early career he was a constant 30-30 threat with his speed/power combo. And during his record-setting twilight seasons, his stats were obscene. He had a .609 OBP in 2004, a season in which he hit "only" 45 dingers. 

And now that he's the Marlins' hitting coach, he's started reminding everyone that he's the all-time home run king:

He may be skinnier now, but Barry Bonds could probably still bat cleanup for most major league teams.

Seriously, watch these swings

Ned Yost breaks bricks

Kansas City's Ned Yost did yesterday what any MLB manager does during spring training: He broke bricks with his bare hands.

And before you conspiracy theorists accuse him of using some kind of fake brick that's easy to break, check out these battle scars:

Brent Burns has a unique style

Today's cricket highlight

Coach hangs with fans after the game


Today's Peanuts

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