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Tuesday Afterschool Special: No Discounts

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How did he miss?!

In overtime of last night's Preds/Habs game, Nashville winger Craig Smith seemingly scored on a wide-open net...but the puck didn't go in:

What happened? He basically saved his own shot, hitting it on the backswing:

All's well that ends well, though, as Smith ended up scoring the winner anyway — this time in the shootout.

Jose Bautista wants to get paid

Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista discussed his contract situation yesterday with the media at the team's Spring Training complex in Dunedin, Florida. He didn't mince words, saying he gave the Blue Jays a contract number he's willing to accept and won't negotiate. He added that the idea of hometown discounts "doesn't exist in my world."

He referred to his current contract, which paid $65 million for five years as already giving the Jays a hometown discount. He's not wrong: According to fangraphs's player value estimates, he was worth $61.3 million in the first year of the contract alone! In total, he gave them an estimated $195.7 million worth of baseball over those five seasons. 

Ridiculous Stephen Curry highlight of the day

Yoenis Cespedes's Spring Training ride

The Mets' centerfielder showed up to camp in style. Since it has only three wheels, I think we can fairly call this the world's flashiest tricycle.

Another baseball player arrives in Florida...

Dion Waiters' lowlight reel

The Thunder guard has been on a real cold streak lately, making just three shots in his last three games, and going 1–14 in his last two. His performance on Sunday against the Cavs, his old team, was particularly brutal, and lead to this mean-but-funny video.

Today's Peanuts