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Tuesday Afterschool Special: Emergency Goalie

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Aaron Gordon was robbed!

If you missed the NBA's Dunk Contest on Saturday, you missed quite a show. Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon, after each posting several perfect 50-score slams, got into an epic dunk-off to determine the champion. Minnesota's LaVine was perfect throughout, however, and became the first back-to-back champ in six years.

There was only one problem...Gordon's dunks were much cooler! Don't believe me? Check this one out, which he did with the help of Orlando's mascot:

But you can judge for yourself by watching the full showdown here.

Every perfect dunk ever

Got an hour to kill? O.K. — maybe not with homework to do. But bookmark this page to return to watch this video of every perfect-score dunk in the history of the contest.

The other big All-Star weekend matchup

As good as the Dunk Contest was, some would say the Three-Point Competition — in which Klay Thompson finally beat Stephen Curry — was even better.

Emergency goalie alert!

Maybe the weirdest phenomenon in hockey is the emergency goalie, the person called upon to sit on the bench when one of a team's two netminders gets injured right before a game starts. That happened last night when Coyotes backup Anders Lindback wasn't able to go.

So the team called upon Nathan Schoenfeld, local bank manager and son-in-law of Arizona's equipment manager. Schoenfeld is no stranger to the team — his dad was head coach from 1997-1999 — but he's no professional hockey player either. He was at home bathing his twin baby sons when he got the call.

Ultimately, the 'Yotes won 6–2, and Nathan didn't have to come into the game. But for being a good sport, captain Shane Doan gave him the team's MVP championship belt anyway:

Happy belated birthday, Jaromir Jagr!


Today's Peanuts

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