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Thursday Afterschool Special: Meeting Their Heroes

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Stephen Curry hangs out with a special fan

Before he lead his team to a 118–112 win over the Miami Heat last night, Stephen Curry met with a very special fan. Four-year-old Shawn Kennedy from Niagara Falls, New York is battling a rare form of brain cancer. His hero is Curry and a family friend who also knew Steve Kerr set it up for him to meet the reigning MVP. Curry signed his sneakers for Kennedy and showed him and his brother around the locker room.

Caption contest!

Go here to submit a caption for this photo. Your submission might just appear in the April issue of SI Kids!


He got his jersey!

Remember little Murtaza Ahmadi, who wore a Messi jersey made out of a plastic bag? Well he's got the real thing now, and signed by Messi too!

Try doing this in the back yard...

The combine is underway

The NFL scouting combine, where prospective draftees work out for teams, is underway in Indianapolis. That means a lot of weird stories about prospects not measuring up in one very specific way. Case in point: Jared Goff's hands being only nine inches could hurt his chances of being draft at No. 2 by the Browns.

Meanwhile, everyone wants to know what the Tennessee Titans will do with the first pick. Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil seems like an obvious fit, but the team is keeping its options open.

Another day, another car for Yoenis Cespedes

First the trike, then the Lambo, now...


Today's Peanuts