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Monday Afterschool Special: Spring Training

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Anthony Davis goes nuts

The Pelicans beat the Pistons last night, 111–106, largely thanks to Anthony Davis and his 20 (!) rebounds and 59 (!!) points. He set the New Orleans franchise scoring record and had more points than the rest of his teammates combined. In addition to 24 total field goals made, Davis went 2-2 from three and made nine of ten free throws.

Kung Food Panda

MLB Spring Training is officially now underway for all 30 teams, which means one of baseball's greatest annual traditions can begin: speculation on who is and isn't in shape. Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval, never known for being skinny, showed up to camp and proclaimed he hadn't weighed himself all offseason. After Sandoval hit just .245 last season, his first with the Red Sox, Boston fans are already nervous about his size. 

Kristaps dancing

Frank's response

Stadium Series jerseys, ranked

Check out this countdown of the best jerseys from the NHL's stadium series. I'm a big fan of the black Blackhawks jerseys.


They are slippery

Today's Peanuts

(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)