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Monday Afterschool Special: Orange You Glad?

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The Final Four is set

After this weekend's games, we know which teams are headed to Houston for the Final Four: Syracus, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Villanova. Read up on the match-ups here.

Crying Jefferson

After Virginia's epic collapse against 'Cuse, we have a special edition of the Crying Jordan meme, this one at the expense of UVA founder Thomas Jefferson:

Jason Heyward versus the bees

In the latest of a series of spring training bee incidents, Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward was stung over 10 times by a swarm of bees yesterday. He even tried to jump over the fence to escape them! Living well is the best revenge, though, and Heyward came back to swat a home run in spite of the pain:

Keep your head up

What a move

These kids can play

Today's Peanuts

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