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Monday Afterschool Special: Opening Day!

Baseball is back!

Today features the first game of the season for most MLB teams, with the Brewers and Giants starting the action at 2:10 p.m. ET. The season kicked off officially yesterday with three match-ups, including the Royals' close win in their World Series rematch with the Mets, 4–3. Last year pitching dominated baseball and there's reason to believe that will continue after day one of the 2016 season: Pittsburgh's Francisco Liriano and Tampa Bay's Chris Archer combined for 22 strikeouts in just 11 innings!

He thought no one would notice

Stephen Curry can't miss

We all know the Warriors' Stephen Curry has unbelievable aim, but would you believe it extends to post-game interview towel throws too?

Even his pranks are fundamentally sound

Jagr meets his traveling fan club

The traveling Jagrs are a group of guys who wear the many jerseys and one mullet of the indomitable Jaromir Jagr. Guess who they got a photo with last night?

The best pre-game routine

Today's Peanuts