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Monday Afterschool Special: NHL Trade Deadline

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Obligatory Curry

Today's edition is for the hockey fans. But first we have to get this pesky Stephen Curry domination from the weekend out of the way. Boy if you didn't see that Thunder-Warriors game Saturday, you seriously missed out. Enjoy the game-winner:

And here's the shot in NBA 2K form

(Another) Staal to the Rangers

Carolina traded captain Eric Staal on Sunday for two second-round picks and prospect Aleksi Saarela (Carolina will also retain 50% of Staal's salary in the deal). As a result, Staal will no longer get to play with brother Jordan. He will, however, now get to play with his brother Marc, a defenseman for New York.

Speaking of Rangers does this happen?

Kris Versteeg traded...again

The Hurricanes also traded Kris Versteeg, who goes to the Kings for prospect Valentin Zykov and a conditional draft pick. You may remember Versteeg from previous trades. He was traded from Toronto to Philly (2011), from Philly to Florida (2011), from Florida to Chicago (2013), and from Chicago to Carolina (2015). 

Other deals...

Buzzer beater of the day

Today's Peanuts

(Photo credit: Karl DeBlaker/NHLI/Getty Images)