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Friday Afterschool Special: Two-Sport Athletes

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P.K. is O.K.

After a teammate accidentally ran into his head last night, Canadiens star P.K. Subban left the Habs' game against the Sabres on a stretcher. Well good news: He has been discharged from the hospital and the team is calling his neck injury "not serious".

Nate, the great...cornerback?

Some out-of-work former star athletes think they can make comebacks in new sports. Nate Robinson, former NBA point guard, wants to try out for an NFL team at cornerback. He previously played 12 football games at the University of Washington and had two interceptions. It seems far-fetched but this video about his transformation will have you believing:

And in somewhat less credible news, Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) thinks he could make an MLS team. You may or not remember that Johnson practiced with Sporting KC during the 2011 NFL lockout and made it all the way to a reserve game before being cut:

The greatest two-sport pro of all-time

Don't interview Draymond Green in a Michigan shirt

Goalie Kong

Ducks goalie John Gibson has a history with classic video game masks. He previously paid tribute to Pac-Man and Duck Hunter. Now he's added a Donkey Kong lid to his collection: 

These uniforms are...unique

Today's Peanuts