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Surfer Kelly Slater Pulls Off an Insane 540

Earlier today in Portugal, surfer Kelly Slater had some downtime during the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro competition, so he hit the water. And then the 42-year-old pro pulled off a sick 540 — that’s one and a half rotations — in rough water and windy conditions. We’re used to seeing this kind of thing from snowboarders, but it’s super rare in surfboarding, what with all the waves and everything. It's so rare, in fact, that Slater is the first person to pull it off!

This is a very cool video, not only for the trick but also the reactions from Slater’s fellow surfers, as well as Slater’s post-trick, NBD attitude. He even gets some smack talk in at the end! (And pay no attention to the title of the video. He does a 540, not a 720. #math)

kelly slater surfing 540