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He’s a legendary skateboarding pro, but on February 25th Tony Hawk will be the host with the most at Cartoon Network’s first ever Hall of Game Awards show.

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Although skateboarding's king couldn’t reveal much about the sports and entertainment show that allows sports fans to vote on their favorite athletes and sports moments of the year, he did give a few hints about what to expect. Mr. 900 (Hawk was the first skater ever to land the 900—a trick that involves two and a half mid-air spins!—at the 1999 X Games) also chats about video games and some of his favorite new skaters on the scene.

Can you let us in on any of the show’s surprises?

I can’t say too much! But there will be lots of surprises. The really cool thing is the stage is very action oriented. Expect lots of celebrities, highlights, music, and actual stunts. It’s going to be fun.

What’s more fun: performing a 900 or hosting an awards show?

Hosting an awards show is more fun because it’s long-lasting fun over the course of a few hours. But I’m going to approach it just like how I approach a difficult trick: with a lot of confidence, creativity and room to be spontaneous. When you find a new challenge or complete something new it can give you the biggest buzz. So I’m really looking forward to it.

You started skateboarding when you were nine. Now you have four kids. Are any of them in line to be the next Tony Hawk?

My oldest, Riley, is 11 and an avid skater. I don’t have to help him much. My other two sons dabble. It’s fun to share the sport of skateboarding with them. My son, Spencer, is really into the guitar, though. He has a band, Cutback Curve. They are really good and have some original songs. My daughter is only two, so she’s pretty young. But everyone loves video games in my household.

Speaking of video games, do you play your new game, Ride, at home?

Oh, yes! We played it mostly during the testing phase, but I still play it. The simulation is really cool. You’re really skating in your living room! Guitar Hero is also a big hit at my house.

Who are some of your favorite skaters right now?

Aaron Homoki, also known as “Jaws,” is really good. He’s one of the best all around skaters. He has good skills and can skate ramps, skate park and street. Most people focus on one type of skating, but he’s got it all. And Paul Rodriguez Jr. is great. He’s very established, creative and consistent. He’s really made a name for himself.

The Cartoon Network Hall of Game awards will air Friday, February 25th at 7 P.M. ET on the Cartoon Network.