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Cool Videos of the Day: Steph Curry is Clutch and Leapfrogging into Opening Day

Sports is all about great performances. And here are two of them, captured in all their glory on video. One is from last night's Mavs-Warriors game, the other from Padres Opening Day on March 30. One is a great moment of individual accomplishment, the other is all about teamwork.

Let's start in Dallas. Last night, the Mavericks and Warriors needed overtime to decide a winner. With 20 seconds left in OT, the score tied 120-120, the Mavs enter the Golden State zone, Monta Ellis hit the arc, and drove to the net for a layup. That's the setup for one exciting finish, courtesy of the Warriors' Steph Curry:

Talk about waiting 'til the last second!

The next awesome video that hit the Internet today comes from the Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team. Before the first pitch of the Padres Opening Day game against the Dodgers, the Leap Frogs dropped in to Petco Park with an awesome display of their parachuting abilities. And one member of the team, Jim Woods, captured the jump and landing using a camera mounted on his helmet:

Every member of the team had to do their job for the moment to work. Along with Woods, the other Leap Frogs who took part in the jump were PR1 Vic Maldonado and SOC Brad Woodard. 

Photos: Matt Strasen/AP Photo, YouTube

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