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Middle School Basketball Players Stand Up Against Bullying

We hear way too many stories about kids being bullied. So it’s nice to see a story where young people — and in this case athletes — stand up to it.

Earlier this week, TMJ4 in Wisconsin reported that during a middle school basketball game in Kenosha, Lincoln Middle School cheerleader Desiree Andrews (who has Down Syndrome) was being bullied from the stands. What the bullies didn’t know, though, was that she had backup.

Chase Vazquez, Miles Rodriguez, and Scooter Terrien were in the middle of the game when they heard the name calling. So they walked off the court and into the stands to confront the bullies and stand up for their friend. “It made me angry,” Miles said.

“It’s not fair when other people get treated wrong because we’re all the same,” Scooter added. “We’re all created the same.”

Watch the video for the rest of the uplifting story — and maybe be inspired to stand up to bullying in your school!

middle school basketball bullying

(The news station did a follow-up story where they spoke more with the players. You can watch that on the TMJ4 website.)

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